9/4/2018: Welcome Maria! Graduate student María Hernández Limón is joining our lab this fall. Maria was an undergraduate at Brown University and most recently worked in the Dyhrman lab at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University.

9/1/2018: Summer Survey 2018 We just wrapped up Year 7 of our Great Lakes microbial time series sampling. Our participation in the 2018 Summer Survey was a success, led by Sara, Justin, and Maria. We are grateful to our collaborators at the EPA and the captain and crew of the R/V Lake Guardian.

8/30/2018: NSF awarded! It’s official — we have received funding from the NSF Biological Oceanography program to support our work in the Great Lakes. This project focuses on our friends the picocyanobacteria, and is a collaboration with Jake Waldbauer and Anne Thompson.

8/14/2018: ISME17 Gabriel presented his genetics work at ISME17 in Leipzig.