The Colman Lab


 Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology



Research in the Colman Lab centers on the study of global biogeochemical cycles and environmental conditions past and present.  We employ a combination of field based studies (oceanographic; hot springs; soils), laboratory microbiology and geochemistry experiments, mathematical modeling, and advanced stable isotope analytical techniques.





Albert Colman

Dept. of the Geophysical Sciences

University of Chicago

5734 S. Ellis Ave

Chicago, IL 60615




Recent News


6/16  Goldschmidt Conference in Yokohama, Japan, with presentations on 17O effects on clumped isotope measurements (Olack, Colman) and the Phanerozoic record of phosphate δ18O (Waldeck, Colman).


6/16  Congratulations to Sarah Zeichner, Audrey Rowe, and Jonny Behrens, all of whom graduated this June from the College!


6/16   Sophie McCoy's paper appears in Marine Ecology: "Diurnal and tidal patterns of carbon uptake and calcification in geniculate inter-tidal coralline algae".


5/16    Congratulations to Dr. Sora Kim, who leaves U of C to begin as an Assistant Professor in Earth & Environmental Sciences at  U. Kentucky!


12/15  Congratulations to Dr. Aric Mine, who received his PhD and is now a Lecturer at Fresno State in the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences!